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Malecare Cancer Support

United States

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Cancer Copilot is a website/pla;orm that offers free personal websites for people facing various

types of cancer, hospitalizaBons, treatments, and recovery. The primary goal is to facilitate

communicaBon between paBents and their loved ones during challenging Bmes.

Users must create a profile and login membership, while anyone can visit the users webpage if

the user has given them the url. Visitors can leave messages and sign up for tasks, etc. without

becoming a member.

1. Personalized Website pages/profile: Users can create a customized site dedicated to

updaBng family and friends about a loved one’s medical journey.

2. Journal Updates: Allows the paBent or caregivers to post long-form updates, almost like

a blog, to keep family and friends informed.

3. Visitor’s SecBon: A guestbook-like feature where well-wishers can leave messages of

support or prayers.

4. Photo Gallery: Users can upload and share photos to document their journey and share

moments of happiness or milestones.

5. Community CreaBon: The focus is more on creaBng a ‘Community’ around a person to

coordinate pracBcal tasks and provide help

6. Help Calendar: This core feature is a shared calendar for each user where tasks needing

volunteers are posted, and community members can sign up to fulfill them. One of the central

features where tasks can be posted, such as rides to medical appointments, meal deliveries, or

other kinds of assistance.

7. Task Assignment and CoordinaBon: task planning. Organizing tasks like meal deliveries,

ridesharing, and even medical appointment companionship. Volunteers can sign up for tasks,

allowing for seamless coordinaBon without the need for endless email chains or phone calls.

8. Notes A stand-alone secBon on the users webpage where important addresses, phone

numbers, medicaBons and insurance informaBon can be listed.

9. Announcements and Updates: the format is generally less like a blog and more geared

towards brief updates or announcements, like a twiƄer feed.

10. Privacy Controls: robust privacy opBons to keep sensiBve informaBon accessible only to

authorized individuals. Users can adjust se]ngs to make their website as private or as public as

they choose. They can also control who can view the site and who can post messages. User

determines if their webpage iis invite-only and not searchable

11. Email NoBficaBons: automated email updates from user to keep the volunteers and

family members informed about new tasks, updates, or announcements. The user determines

who should receive these emailed updates.

12. Mobile Responsiveness: accessible via various devices including smartphones and


13. User-Friendly Interface: aim for ease of use, recognizing that users may be under stress

and not parBcularly tech-savvy.

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