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Posted on 02/09/2016 — 8 years ago  |   Freelance

Upbeat Design

United Kingdom

  • Job #WPHIRE001198

Develop a website we would design, which allows custom orders to be placed for the product in question, allowing the buyer to:

Select a size by entered height and width
Select a choice of three materials
Select a choice of imagery
Select a quantity
Possible other option

The ‘imagery’ selection would have 3 options:

1. Select from existing library bank

2. Upload your own image – on ordering or later after ordering

3. Choose to use an image from a third party image library by providing an image reference number)
The possibility to see chosen image or uploaded image in an on-screen proof within the desired dimensions would be ideal.
The site would require a price calculator that would handle the above.

Option to have a calculated cost emailed as a quote.

Option to select payment by invoice as well as by credit/debit card.

A method of browsing images in the existing image bank by main categories and sub-categories.

Other typical Product info to still be available such as Product description, Related products etc.

The above attempts to detail the functionality requirements as currently perceived, but all will need to be discussed and worked through in order to allow for any unforeseen’s or user experience improvements.

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