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Posted on 08/05/2017 — 6 years ago  |   Part-Time

Sasquatch Studio

United States

  • Job #WPHIRE001591

Sasquatch Studio is a small collaborative (4 of us) of passionate people scattered around North America. We believe technology must serve a purpose. We primarily work for other branding agencies implementing technology solutions. About 60% of our work is WordPress and the rest is a mixture of other CMS, ecommerce platforms and custom apps. We are looking for someone remote anywhere in the Americas.

This opportunity is for 20 hours per week initially (on contract), with the potential for full time if you perform well on projects and with our team. The more of the requested capabilities/experience you have, the more hours we can offer.


Core Competencies / Top Traits

  • Perseverance – You won’t rest until you solve it.
  • Get Shit Done – Do what you say by when you say it.
  • Teach – Part of being a team player is also to teach.
  • Understand Context – Aim to understand the project or problem before solving.
  • Check Your Ego – We are a team first.
  • Empathy – Stop, think, empathize and react.
  • Humble – Another job well done. No need to gloat this happens all the time.
  • Curious – Constantly discovering more. New challenges drive you.

Technical Skills

Key skills:

  • WordPress (Intermediate) – Have created light-weight custom plugins, development many of your own themes and have got into the guts of wordpress (adding functions etc).
  • HTML5 (Intermediate)
  • CSS3 (Intermediate)
  • JQuery / Javascript  (Intermediate)
  • Experience using git and other development tools

Bonus Skills

  • Experience using the Foundation Framework
  • Experience with Shopify, Woocommerce or BigCommerce
  • Experience with Drupal
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