Full-Stack Web Developer with WordPress Experience

Posted on 23/10/2017 — 7 years ago  |   Part-Time

Advant Interactive

Long Beach, CA, US


  • Job #WPHIRE001714

We are Advant Interactive, a group of design and developer nerds. We’re a small bunch so far but we have plans for world domination. We’re based in Long Beach, just a Kobe 3-pointer from the beach, and a taxi ride from the heart of LA. We are on the lookout for an individual who seeks a position at the cutting edge of web development. All candidates must work with speed and enjoy sweating over tight deadlines. They must live to code and not be happy until they’ve seen a project through from insemination to birth to that first day at kindergarten.

Who are you? The dude (or dudette) for the role should have a minimum of two years in the world of web development, with a portfolio that’s likely to blow our socks off.

Because we live in the virtual world, it does not matter where you reside, as long as you are available during business hours. Still reading?

Can you tick these boxes?

● You are a WordPress Whiz and have extensive knowledge/experience with front-end work.

● You’re a dab hand in JavaScript/jQuery (If you can write plugins as well then that’s a bonus, but you must be able to write and implement small-to-medium scripts at least)

● You’re an old pro in writing raw HTML and CSS (especially HTML5 and CSS3)

● You are experienced working with PHP tasks

● You’re used to developing in a LAMP environment

● You’re on-the-button with current Web standards, optimization techniques and best practices

● You’re full of knowledge regarding Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation

● You’re a web developer with two or more years of professional industry experience

And it goes without saying You can both talk the talk and walk the walk. You have 20:20 vision when it comes to fine details. You consider missing a deadline one of the seven deadly sins. If you’ve gotten this far, you could be just what we’re looking for. Send us your portfolio and we’ll talk.

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