PHP Full-stack Web Developer

Posted on 12/03/2021 — 3 years ago

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Description: As a PHP Full-stack Web Developer, your focus would be on building out interfaces, interactions, and functionality for custom websites and web apps. While the framework or CMS may change from project to project, one constant is our commitment to quality. We primarily build and maintain sites built on WordPress and Laravel, but we value every developer’s input on the best tools for the job. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so figuring out the best tools for the job is something we take seriously. Essential Job Functions: Use modern technologies and tools to build frontend and backend web experiences, including e-commerce and application development. Collaborate with other developers on various projects. Work with designers and content strategists to determine style, interaction, and functional requirements for upcoming projects. Troubleshoot bugs and other issues on live sites. Manage multiple projects at any one time. What We Use: PHP HTML/CSS JS / jQuery / Vue Grunt / Gulp / Webpack Node / NPM / Bower WordPress / Laravel Qualifications: 3+ years of coding experience A strong working knowledge of frontend languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Experience working with front-end JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Vue, etc) and style frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma, etc). Experience working with PHP-based CMSes (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and Frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, etc). A keen eye for user interaction and flow. A good sense of code structure and modern development methodologies. Cares about the code they write. Can communicate effectively about development topics with non-technical roles. High attention to detail. And of course, someone who is willing to learn and grow in development and explore new ideas.

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