PHP / WordPress Developer at FormulaFolio Investments (Costa Mesa, CA)

Posted on 07/03/2018 — 5 years ago

FormulaFolio Investments

Costa Mesa, CA

  • Job #WPHIRE001766


  • Proficient at developing and testing WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Eager to solve problems and make life easier for others both professionally and personally.
  • Experienced building web application using a PHP MVC framework like Laravel or Symfony.
  • Able to write clean, testable code in one or more of the following languages: Javascript, Ruby, Python.
  • Comfortable at the command line and using Git.
  • Well-practiced in writing insightful code comments and helpful documentation.
  • Serious about security and quality.
  • Sucks at multitasking but excels at organizing, prioritizing, and finishing tasks.
  • Pass pre-employment background screen.


  • Appreciates checklists and automation.
  • Experienced with DevOps: provisioning Linux servers for web applications and automating deployment.
  • Familiar with Ruby-on-Rails and its conventions.
  • Knows how to use Google and StackOverflow effectively.
  • Respects the Zen of Python and seeks principles that will improve oneself and one’s peers.
  • Intellectually curious with an affection for the absurd and an aversion to brogrammer culture.


  • Collaborates harmoniously with others and contributes to success of organization.
  • Embraces Agile methodology, clears aggravations, and promotes well-being.
  • Writes quality code supporting FormulaFolios websites and enhancing FormulaFolios brand.
  • Improves project tests and documentation.
  • Serves advisors, investors, and staff across the organization.
  • Builds professional knowledge and hones skills.
  • Works a regular full-time schedule at our new Costa Mesa office.

Hiring Process

One 30-minute phone or in-person screening:

  • 10 minute overview of position and team.
  • 20 minutes discussion of candidate interests and qualifications.
  • At end candidate will be asked: do you wish to interview in person?

One 90-minute in-person interview:

  • 40 minutes discussion of requirements and responsibilities
  • 40 minutes coding challenge (on a laptop, not a whiteboard)
  • 10 minutes answer questions and review next steps
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