PHP & WordPress Developer at REVOtic Engineering ()

Posted on 19/06/2020 — 4 years ago

REVOtic Engineering

  • Job #WPHIRE002015

Job Type

Full-time – In-house

Job Description

As a PHP & WordPress developer, you need to develop backend functionality of an Web Application. Your code should be bug free and stable. Which requires good development skills. You are most welcome, if you think you can do the best.

Skills Required

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Implement any Javascript Libraries

Implement any PHP technologies, scripts and libraries

Thorough understanding of Cake PHP

Knowledge of WebSockets

WordPress Development

Skills Preferred

PHP Optimisation

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress Plugin and Theme Development

Apache and Nginx Server handling

Job Location

Sector 7 – Rohini, Delhi, India

How to join

Send your properly formatted resume with your photo to our HR. Do mention your experience or previous job details if you have any. We do not reply to the lots of entries which do not meet the requirement. So mention everything and clearly.

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