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Posted on 25/08/2016 — 8 years ago  |   Freelance

esscott media

United States

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I have a wordpress site with several custom post types:

Vehicle (Custom Taxonomies: “Year” & “Make”)
Photo Post (Child of Brand and Vehicle)(Custom Taxonomy “Product”)

I have a page built that shows a loop of all photo-post. I want to include a search at the top of the page to limit the post displayed in the loop. I wan to search by the multiple criteria including taxoomy, custom fields, and post parent.

I am thinking this will require Java to handle it, but I’m open to any solution – keeping it as simple as possible.

I am also going to be using appressor to build a mobile app from this wordpress site, so any code needs to be compatible with that plugin as well.


I also need to have a pagination function built into the site that provides for infinate scrolling.


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