Technical Support Specialist & Project Manager

Posted on 14/03/2017 — 6 years ago  |   Full-time

Fifty Pixels Limited


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We’re an established software business helping content publishers approach the mobile space with easy to use and efficient solutions. We’ve built a successful product, MobiLoud, helping WordPress publishers create native apps with their content and we’re working on other products in the same space.

We are passionate about making mobile apps accessible to independent publishers and site owners and work to offer an amazing customer experience to anyone that signs up.

As a Technical Support Specialist & Project Manager, you’ll be responsible to deal directly with our customers, explaining the product, helping them during onboarding, supporting them with any questions or issues. You’ll also work closely with our developers to lead the development of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We’re looking for a person with strong technical understanding in the mobile and WordPress space (PHP and WordPress knowledge required), sales and customer support skills, excellent writing and communication skills. You have an entrepreneurial, hands-on and problem-solving approach to business.

This is the right job for you if you’re a fluent English speaker who can write and code and loves to delight customers. You might be a developer by training, but you’ve set your mind on working in a customer facing role.

You’ll join a small team including the company founder and a junior Support person, a WordPress plugin developer and two app developers. You’ll work closely with our app production teams, who ensure our apps are built and delivered to the stores every day. You’ll be the company founder’s right hand man and take responsibility to lead the whole team to provide our customers the best possible experience.

On a typical day you’ll be:

  • Responding to customer inquiries, demonstrating the product, ensuring a good fit with the customer problem and helping out with any issues.
  • Working with our developers on issues to resolve, new features to build and other improvements, coordinating the development of new product features and their roll out.
  • Testing and releasing our WordPress plugins, managing QA on our apps.
  • Troubleshooting issues directly with customers, trying to resolve technical problems before involving a developer, creating detailed bug reports when developers need to be involved.
  • Overseeing our production processes and ensuring we take action when needed to get to a positive outcome for our customers in the shortest time possible.
  • Writing support documentation and procedures, suggesting improvements to our systems and team organization.

Your skills:

  1. Excellent organisation skills, you can keep track of open issues and the work of our app production team.
  2. Strong communications skills, perfect written and spoken English
  3. Confident dealing with customers over email and phone
  4. Working knowledge of PHP and WordPress, you know at least the basics of web development (CSS/HTML/PHP)
  5. Strong technical problem solving skills, you can identify and resolve technical problems independently when a developer is not needed

How we work

We’re a remote team spread around the world. We enjoy this way of working and the freedom it affords all of us. We collaborate mainly using chat (Slack/Skype) and great simple tools like Trello.

We care about the people working with us and aim to build long-lasting relationships with anyone who will join the company. For this, personality fit on top of skills is key. We’re looking for smart, independent and creative people who want to build something great, take decisions independently and make an impact.

Time and salary

We will decide together on a work schedule that works for you based on your life and priorities. You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want. We like to find responsible people and let them do their job autonomously. Time required: 25-40 hours a week.

Salary will be based on experience. While the company is based in London, UK, you can be anywhere. You’ll be hired as an independent contractor. We’ll start with a 2-6 week initial project to see how you work and ensure we’re a good match.

Salary range (full time): $1,500 – $2,500

Min. time per week: 25 hours

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