Web Support: 20 Hours/Week. Remote Position.

Posted on 26/02/2019 — 5 years ago  |   Freelance, Part-Time, Temporary

Blue Bridge Development

United States

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Rescue People in Your Pajamas

You’ll likely start work in your pajamas and bathrobe. That’s what we do (after making coffee of course.) Or you might nip out for a cup and a scone at the local roastery and work from there.

The work itself is pretty simple: you rescue people.

To be a bit more concrete, you:
● Fix problems with CMS’s
● Troubleshoot broken web pages
● Make website additions and changes
● And protect against hackers with patches and updates

But in the end, our clients will be really grateful to you because you’re bailing them out of whatever trouble is ruining their day.

“Thank-you so much! You rock!” is what we hear and what you’ll hear. Well, what you’ll see anyway- there’s no phone support. You work out of a ticket queue and everything is in writing.

The job is one part customer service, one part puzzle solving, and one part Internet sleuthing. If you smooshed the best parts of Watson and Sherlock Holmes together and gave them development super powers: those are the shoes you’ll fill.

Make no mistake- it’s not easy. It can be really frustrating when you run up against a tough problem, and you’re going to see all sorts of weird issues, but you’ll have a small team of friendly and smart people who have your back and will help you when you get stuck (everyone
gets stuck.) And when you do figure it out, you’ll feel like a genius.

We should mention that it’s not all racing to save our client’s worlds. Some of the work is, well… rote and predictable (because someone’s got to apply those updates & patches.)

Compensation & Timing
This is a contract position and you’ll be working as a sub-contractor.

It’s for 2 months, which starts when you do. There is the possibility of extension, situation depending.
It’s half-time, 20 hours a week at $35/hour.
You’ll have flexibility in your schedule, but you need to be available to hammer on problems for a good chunk of the day.

Your Skills, Characteristics, and Abilities
This job’s for you if:
● You can work somewhere in the timeframe of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern time (We’re mostly west coast, but nearly all the requests come in the first half of the day.)
● You like helping people, but are totally okay working off in your own little world.
● You don’t mind dealing with clients that are not always well organized in their requests or language.
● You can write clearly and professionally (Unfortunately, our clients don’t understand 1337!)
● You have an eye for detail and easily catch bugs in your own code.
● Your friends recognize you as highly trustworthy and dependable.
● You can write a SELECT statement with an INNER JOIN.
● You can write a media query in CSS3.
● You write valid HTML5.
● You understand what Class extends means in PHP.
● You know what WordPress’s theme function.php file is for.
● You can virtualize an environment.
● Most importantly: you can problem solve.
* This job is not for you if you fall apart when there’s not an answer on Stack Overflow (level up those skills Padawan!) It’s also not for you if you’ve got any sort of superiority complex- we all open our IDE one quick-launch-keystroke at a time.

Interested in Applying?

Here is what you need to do:

Send a resume as a PDF to jobs@bluebridgedev.com
Optional: Write a 3 paragraph cover letter about what interests you about this work, why you would be a good fit, and what the loop is in the WP world.

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