WordPress Developer needed to bring our websites to life! at MVF (London, UK)

Posted on 23/01/2018 — 6 years ago


London, UK

  • Job #WPHIRE001735

Our Role

We are now investing in the development of a world class engineering function at MVF. As a technology and data driven business, we recognise the key role outstanding engineers play in helping us achieve our vision.

Developers at MVF have unique access to and involvement in the business and its direction. Collaborating with colleagues from across the company they play a key role in helping to define the scope, architecture and implementation details of projects at all levels and have a real impact on the commercial outcomes and ultimate success of each project.

We value developers who are proactive and react swiftly, so you will contribute to the live code that underpins the business within your first week. At stand-up you will meet the team and the product stakeholders, take ownership of your first task and begin to provide your solutions.

You can expect to be fully involved in the team from the start, including participating in code reviews and daily standups. You will provide insight into the delivery of current and upcoming team tasks. By the end of your first week you will have submitted your first pull request, successfully passed the code review process and put your first changes into production.

From day one, you will commit production-ready and tested changes to the MVF codebase, creating pull requests for your work and having them peer reviewed, before deploying the changes to the live systems. You will participate in daily standups, clearly and effectively communicating your ideas and the status of your own tasks to the rest of your team. You will assist with the discovery and prioritisation of new work, and take ownership of appropriate tasks, seeing them through to delivery.

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Excellent, fluent PHP
  • Proven track record of Custom WordPress Plug-in development inline with best practices
  • Excellent HTML, Sass / Less, JS coding skills
  • Demonstrable knowledge of GIT versioning
  • Comes from a strong coding background with proven experience of sitebuilding using the latest technologies
  • Solid at WordPress theming with great attention to detail
  • Takes ownership of tasks and drives them through to delivery
  • Solicits feedback from others and is eager to find ways to improve
  • Leads the way by identifying, sharing and championing best practices
  • Is able to work both independently and as part of a strong team, and can focus and deliver fast.
  • Wants to be part of our amazing MVF culture
  • Passionate about site speed and performance and the techniques that goes along with it

Bonus Skills:

  • Familiarity with the WordPress Plug-in directory (ie. the ability to identify appropriate off-the-shelf vs. custom build solution and the relevant tradeoffs)
  • Experience with Drupal
  • Knowledge of Conversion Rate Optimisation and A/B Testing
  • Familiarity of SEO and Accessibility best practices
  • Experience with front-end frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Grunt, Gulp)
  • Understanding of UX best practices
  • Good eye for design

If you have a true passion for building sites and are driven to learn, develop and become world class through innovative, data savvy decisions, then please apply.

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