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Posted on 17/02/2022 — 2 years ago  |   Freelance

Gourmet Escapes


  • Job #WPHIRE002246

I need a wp developer/coder to resolve some issues with my WordPress site and update the look and feel of my site so it looks good across mobile too.  All of the image galleries need to have matching aspect ratios and the images not stretched vertically across mobile – see Listings galleries on mobile which are okay.  All of the other inside section image galleries are stretched vertically across mobile and these need to be rectified so they look the same as the Listings ones.  The navigation bar menu drop down needs to be positioned in the middle of the mobile screen and the white border around it removed and all of the inside white divider lines as well.  Colour the 3 orange bars of the mobile navigation menu drop down the same gold as the logo and do the same for the cross when its closed.  The highlighted gold block of colour on selection needs to cover the whole of the selected menu option.

The functionality issues that need to be resolved are at cms back end issue or plugin that causes the site to flash with white blocks of text when you clickthrough on the article content placholders in all of the site sections.  This needs to be fixed – you will see this when you view the site and the block of white text flashes when you clickthrough on the content placeholders.  I also need to tweet symbols to be removed from where all of the section intro content is and this is static content which is not intended to be shared since it stays the same.  The share this text with fb symbol on the left hand side of tweet symbol and equally spaced needs to be added to the article content placeholders for all of the section content.

Search drill needs to be changed in terms of how this works. Remove Length of Stay and Luxury Travel headings and search by fields and associated drop downs.    Search by country needs to drill down so that it becomes region specific and  then towns can be selected from the drop downs.  Can you make this customisable so these can be added into the cms?

Could you respond back to this brief to with a costing and timescale attached to fulfillment of this.

Sandrine Lester

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