Full Time: Front-end developer at Nerdalize in Delft

Posted on 14/10/2016 — 8 years ago

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One does not simply design a great UI!

Do you believe WordPress templates are an insult to your foo? Like to work with in-house born and bred APIs, that are still growing every day? Want to design an extraordinary top-of-stack UI for demanding users? Then read on, because this might just be the job you’re looking for!

At Nerdalize we are re-imagining cloud computing. We are not only the most sustainable, cost-effective and transparent cloud provider. We want to offer our users a professional cloud environment that is easy to use, will help do their jobs faster, and will work on all major OS platforms. This is where you come in.

You will get full responsibility in developing our user interface from the very start. To make this happen, you will use your eye for detail without losing focus of the bigger picture. You base your decisions on continuous experiments and testing together with our users, working side by side with back-end developers, customer experience experts, and sales gurus. In the end it is all about developing a fully working cloud platform that makes our users happy, and you and us proud.

Already feel a light (#ECECEC) fluttering inside while reading this? Find out below if we fit your bill!

You are the frond-end god / goddess who

  • Understands core front-end web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) like no other
  • Uses frameworks (like React, Ember or similar) as a second nature
  • Passionately developed web-based interfaces on a project basis before
  • Believes that the quality of an interface is only as good as its user feedback
  • Is curious,flexible and eager to learn: every day can bring new customers, requirements, and API versions.
  • Has experience with modern software development practices: e.g Agile/Scrum, (git) version control, automated testing and CI/CD.

We offer you

  • Impact and responsibility from day 0. You are designing and developing one of the most important parts of our product.
  • A high performance team where cutting edge technology is the name of the game. If you know of something even newer and better, we love to hear it!
  • Weekly demo time to show the whole team what crazy stuff you’re working on. In return you get a cold beer and meaningful feedback.
  • Champagne, to celebrate success together, and a pep talk to help you learn from your mistakes.
  • Fun teammates for weird lunch discussions, team days, drinks, parties, and more.
  • A workplace at Europe’s biggest high-tech incubator: YES!Delft. The place is buzzing with young, vibrant people with a passion for Friday drinks, foosball, and working on great ideas to change the world (think: buildings on water, rockets, bird repelling lasers etc. etc.).

In our team

  • We trust our colleagues and customers and actively seek to understand them.
  • We are honest with each other and ourselves.
  • We are self-starters who thrive with autonomy, and perceive “chaos” as an opportunity to shine.
  • We love a good discussion and survive disagreements.
  • We are willing and eager to learn from each other.
  • We are transparent thinkers and action oriented doers.
  • We are passionate about what we work on and take pride in what we develop.

Sounds to cool to be true? Come see for yourself! Get in touch and we’ll show you around (coffee/tea/beer/wine provided).

Interested? Apply via the link:

Click here to apply online!

Agency calls are not appreciated.

Keywords: front-end; full stack; UI; UX; design; frameworks; JavaScript; APIs

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