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I recently launched the book, Managing Elder Care from Afar:  A Practical Guide for Busy People.  In it I let readers know they can go to and download additional templates, worksheets and other resources as a free bonus for buying the book.  Here is a link to the book on

I set up the www.DistanceElderCare.comwebsite so it would be live for the official book launch which began October 14, 2018.  The site I set up has the basics, but it isn’t set up the way I want it to be over the long term.  I am looking for someone with excellent WordPress skills to turn my basic website into a membership site using a WordPress membership plugin.  The membership sign up process must be smooth and user friendly and must integrate with Aweber.

I set up the website on Kinsta with WordPress.  I chose WordPress because I need to be able to manage content updates and changes on my own and I am able to do this easily with WordPress. I chose Kinsta because it specializes in WordPress hosting, offers a staging environment for each website, and seems to have a lot of flexibility for growth.  I researched several membership plugins for WordPress and settled on Simple Membership as the place to start because it has the key features I seek.  I am also using Aweber as my opt-in email marketing tool.

What I am NOT looking for right now is a new look and feel for the site, nor am I looking for significant customizations.  I am looking for someone who can configure WordPress, Simple Membership and Aweber to work together in a seamless marketing funnel that delivers a smooth user experience and the back-end data I need for marketing purposes.  Yes, some CSS, HTML and JavaScript tweaks might be required, but I am not looking for significant design or coding at this stage.

I do have my marketing funnel planned out and would be happy to share the design with you if you are interested.

My goal is to use the book to drive traffic to the website and build my email list to 10,000 subscribers by this time next year.

To meet the book’s marketing schedule, I need someone who can work quickly and focus attention on this project over the next few weeks.

DEADLINE for proposal submission:  Noon Eastern on Sunday, October 21, 2018.
I will notify you by the end of the day on October 22, 2018 if your proposal was accepted.

DEADLINE for final deliverables: 11:00pm Eastern on October 29, 2018. 

Project budget:  $450-650 depending on experience and ability to meet requirements.

The following are required in order to be considered for this project:
1.    Demonstrated experience setting up WordPress websites with multiple plugins
2.    Demonstrated experience setting up membership websites on WordPress with multiple free and paid membership levels
3.    Demonstrated experience integrating email marketing sign-up forms and data with membership websites, including linking website member data with email subscriber data on the back end
4.    Commitment to delivering the agreed upon scope of work by the deadline and within the project budget
5.    Willingness to meet by phone/Skype as needed
6.    Ability to produce the deliverables (below)

I respect that we all have different ways of doing things therefore I am flexible as to the overall development/configuration process.  WordPress, Kinsta and Aweber are musts.  I am flexible on which membership plugin to use as long as it meets my functionality requirements (namely, multiple free levels with the ability to grow into paid levels in the future and reasonable cost).

In terms of final deliverables, I expect all plugins, content and “tweaks” to be installed in the staging environment of my WordPress site on Kinsta.  I am happy to facilitate changes to forms in Aweber and to add files to my GSuite/Google Drive (or AWS S3) if needed.

I will be available for any questions or discussions throughout the editing process.  I expect to check in at least once during the development process to review and approve any configuration questions or choices before you submit your final deliverables.

How to Submit your Proposal
If you are interested, please submit a proposal to me by email with the following information:
1.    The phrase, “Distance Elder Care Website” in the subject line of your email
2.    A paragraph or two on why you are interested in this project
3.    Your proposed price and any additional information you need to be able to commit to the deadline
4.    2-3 references for similar projects

Send your proposal to: by 5PM Eastern on October 19, 2018.

About Me
I have been blogging about the writing process for this book at

While I have not used this freelance platform before, I do have significant experience working with freelancers and contractors in my professional career.  I currently serve as Deputy Chief Information Officer for The Ohio State University.  More on that role here:

Feel free to contact me at dagefoerde2@gmail.comif you have any questions.  I look forward to working with you!

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