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I need to develop four woo commerce sites featuring apparel and travel accessories, each with a unique domain name, that are all selling products from a single Cin7 database (Cin7 provides the API inventory integration with Woo). We also need to categorize items so that certain products show up on certain sites (for example, only certain menswear products should show up on the menswear site, etc).

According to Cin7, they support the following integration with Woo:

-Downloading orders / contacts
-Syncing Stock
-Pushing back order status

As such, we use Woo Commerce to handle everything else (sync of product descriptions, SEO data, pricing, pictures, etc).

To sync the sites, I would like to use a product like WooCommerce multistore, Woo Multisite Product & Category Sync, WordPress Multisite Sync, WooCommerce Multisite Duplicator (or similar) that could push product photos, descriptions, SEO data, etc. out to the sites from one source so we don’t have to do updates on each of the four sites separately. We’re open to suggestions on this.

If the single Woo data source that pushes info to the four sites could also be the only “connection” with Cin7, that would also save us some money as Cin7 charges monthly for each individual connection. This is not necessary, but would be nice. In this scenario, all order information would have to flow to and from Cin7 through the single source of Woo data. That information would be order information, contact information, stock information, and order status information. We are considering using a modified version of the built in “B2B” site that Cin7 offers to be our customer login from each of the four sites, so customers can see order histories, tracking numbers, etc. so Woo wouldn’t have to handle that.

We’d prefer to use a really reliable and well supported single template for all four sites. Each site will have color changes, different logos, home page pictures, slider content, etc. but we want the template to be the same so our staff can be familiar with it. We’re open to suggestions, but would like something that specializes in apparel, has product filtering, and has a current look.

We’ll be using authorize.net for the payment integration and would prefer to have the whole site be https.

We currently have three of the four sites live on other platforms, so a lot of information and images can be taken from the existing sites.

There will be a lot of work upfront, and we’d prefer to work with the same developer on maintenance, ongoing customization, etc. So a lot of hours for the first part of the project, then fewer hours once everything is set up.

Look forward to working with you!

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