WP template customization for simple content library database

Posted on 25/08/2016 — 8 years ago  |   Freelance

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I need a WordPress theme customized for use as a content library on my website, with monthly updated photographs clients can view, add brief notes, and select for submission back to me.

The template is: http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/tinyfolio/

There would need to be a basic email only login to access the content library template for each client, once accessed the clients would select a fixed number of photos from the “library” (pick 10 of 15 total photos for example). There would need to be a simple drop down menu for each selected photo of pre-set options that would be submitted with the photos back to me. The photos would be the same (15 total in this example) each month for all clients, and I would need to be able to upload a new set of photos each month for clients to review. The drop-down menu options for each selected photo would be the same for each client’s photos, but would be unique to each client/content library; each client’s set of drop down menu options that wouldn’t change month to month.


The page would not be internally linked to the rest of the website, and would not be indexed by search engines.

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